the de Souza family’s world (see howey travel!)


Today we’re in Darwin in Rapid Creek but soon we are going  on a special trip to England,  Ireland, Italy and France.  We need to get ready, we need to pack winter clothes and leggings. In England we will see the queen’s palace, Jasper’s going to have his birthday at Harry Potter land. In France we are going visit the Eiffel tower and eat croissants.  In Italy we are going to see the gladiator stadium in Rome. In Ireland were seeing our cousins. We are so excited to spend family time in Europe.  We hope you enjoy reading our journey in Europe.  Victor from next door helped us to write our first post.  Love Jasper, Maeve and Margot.


One thought on “the de Souza family’s world (see howey travel!)”

  1. Happy travels kids. We look forward to hearing all about what you eat and do and seeing many photos of this fabulous adventure


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