We went to London. At London, we stayed at a nice house in West Hampstead. We went to the park almost everyday, one park we went to was Kilburn Grange Park. Another park was next to Finchley Road train station – the trains were really noisy. We also went to a garden party in Canfield Gardens behind our house – it was a secret garden. Jasper fell asleep at it and Maeve played the tug of war.

We caught lots of trains in Londonans – we went on them too. We went into a blue bus and we were listening to some music and there was a bit of talking and the first part we were running to the bus. Maeve got scared when the doors opened when we tried to get off near Tower Bridge.  Then we bought some ice creams and then we walked across the Tower Bridge across the Thames. Maeve and Jasper played tip on the grass.

We walked to the Tower of London where we went into see all the kings and queens jewels.  Maeve’s favourite jewel was Elizabeth’s.  The Tower of London is also where prisoners got locked up in jail and their heads cut off.


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