London to Alnwick

We drove over three nights to Alnwick. We stayed in Ramsey Heights, Grewelthorpe and Thorner.

We went to the natural history museum at Cambridge and we saw dinosaur fossils and a model of  a giant dinosaur spider.

We went to the Jorvik Viking Centre in York. We went on a train through an ancient Viking town. They found a Viking village under the ground by digging. Maeve smelled dog poo in the Viking town.  We found an old lady who made us a coin with a hammer. She had a cup and a Viking die to make the coin and banged the hammer to make it. Afterwards we went on a carousel in York next to the castle.

We stayed in Rocket’s house at Grewelthorpe. We went to a real castle and we went on a bouncy castle there.  Jasper and Maeve and Margot played with Walter and Henry and Tango the dog.  We talked to the cows over the fence. We found ladybirds and we kept them in a box. We went to the ice cream place near the Abbey and we played with Walter there.

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