Northumberland – Alnwick and Rothbury


The first thing we did in Alnwick when we arrived was to visit Alnwick Markets where they had a medieval day.  They had falconry demonstrations – Jasper held a falcon, and Maeve and Margot held a kestrel.  We met up with Johnny and Val there, who have just moved to Amble.  We went to Barter Books with Johnny and Val and we had chocolate cupcakes.

We stayed in a lovely place in Alnwick called Swansfield Stables.  It had a beautiful vegetable garden with ducks and chickens and a cat.  One night we made a fire pit there.

We visited Rothbury with Johnny and Val.  There was a traditional music festival on, and we went to the Jubilee Hall and watched some traditional dancing.  We went for a walk along the Coquet River, and Johnny took Jasper and Maeve across the stepping stones and over to the old cattle market where Bull and Johnny used to go with their father.  Johnny took  us on a drive through the Coquet Valley which was very beautiful – Jasper, Maeve and Margot all fell asleep.  We ended the journey at Hepple where Margot did a ginormous poo and we visited the graves of Bull and Johnny’s parents.  We also saw where Bull was born at East Hepple farm cottages.

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