Northumberland – Northumberland National Park

After Jasper’s birthday, we visited Northumberland National Park again, around the Coquet River.

Our favourite thing was climbing the Witchy Neuk at Hepple, where the witch Meg O’Meldon landed on the rocks with her broomstick.  Bull used to climb the Witchy Neuk all the time when he was a kid living at Hepple. We hunted for dwarf and elf holes as we walked up there.  One of the rocks looked a lot like a person.  At the top there was an ancient iron age hill fort which we walked along.  Maeve flew on her broom stick on top of the Withy Neuk.  It felt very magical.  Maeve said as we walked up, “Aren’t we lucky to visit all these amazing places?”

We then visited the Lady’s Well at Holystone, which was a mysterious and quiet well with water coming out of the ground where nuns lived in the twelfth century.  Jasper and Maeve left their wands there and mum had to go back and pick them up – she tricked Jasper and Maeve as she walked back by hiding the wands in her jacket, and then pulled them out at the last minute! We would have been very sad if they had been lost.  Mum dipped the wands in the Holy Well to give them magical powers.

The last thing we did was climb up to the Drake Stone near Harbottle, which is a huge stone that the druids were said to worship at.  It is supposed to have healing powers for children, and we all touched it.  We climbed through the clouds and there was lots of mist and light rain at the top. There were lots of wild blueberries on the path on the way up – Maeve led us all the way up and ate blueberries the whole way up and back!

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