Ireland – Donegal

We went on a massive big ferry to Ireland and it was ginormous because we had to fit lots of people and cars in there. Maeve made friends with Ava on the boat and lost her ring in the play area and then found it again. Mummy went with Jasper to play computer games.

We drove to Donegal where we met Jon and Dagmar and Sophie Joy and Pippa at Glenveigh Castle. Margot gave Sophie Joy a big cuddle. Sophie and Baby Pippa gave us presents and they got mixed up.

We went to a festival at Cnoc Fola where they had lots of traditional things.  We saw a sheep get sheared, a horse getting shoes, we saw a man making flax and a woman spinning wool. There was Irish music and lots of really good dancing – there were some little kids and Maeve thought they couldn’t do Irish dancing but they could.  There was a ride for the steam train and the steam train man had some little cute kittens and Maeve and Jasper held them.

We went for a drive to the end of the world – called Slieve League.  We walked uphill to the view point and Jasper kept walking with Jon and Sophie and Daddy and Margie up to the top.  Jasper walked but Sophie Joy and Margie were carried.

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