Northumberland – the coast

We visited Johnny and Val in Amble and had a lovely day. We walked with Hope the dog along the beach and fed the ducks some bread at the lake. Then we had a delicious lunch at home. Then we walked along the harbour and saw lobster nets, boats and ate delicious ice cream.

We left our place at Alnwick after a week and went to stay in a big house at Beadnell on the coast near Seahouses. It was quite wet. One day we visited Lindisfarne at Holy island from where Christianity was spread through England by people like Aidan and Cuthbert. We had to drive there at low tide because the Island is surrounded by sea at high tide! The Vikings raided Lindisfarne in 793 AD and eventually the monks left. We walked among the ruins there and looked at pictures of the gospels of Lindisfarne.  We ran along the beach at Bamburgh Castle on the way home which was great fun. Our shoes got wet in the beach.

Johnny and Val visited us in Beadnell on our last day there and the sun came out! We walked along the coast and played at the beach and Johnny bought us ice creams.

We drove to Scotland on 25 July. On the way we went on Billy’s Shiel’s tour of the Farne Islands where we saw puffins, shags and other sea birds. Puffins are amazing – they live at sea except for the three months they are on the Farne Islands. We are delicious doughnuts on the boat that we bought before we left. The Islands really smelled of bird poo. Thank you Bull for the trip!

We loved Northumberland!

We stayed at Edinburgh for two nights before coming to Ireland. We went to see Kirsty’s old friend Birdget’s place at Portobello and we had an awesome time playing with our new friends Lachlan and Matilda on the beach and at their home. We had a yummy dinner there too.

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