Ireland – around Dublin and the ferry to France

We drove from Donegal to Malahide. It was a really long car trip. We stopped at Ballybay where our great grandmother was born. She moved to Northumberland when she was a teenager. Her father was Willie Clarke, a very famous Irish piper who they still talk about today. We saw his grave at Ballybay.

In Dublin we visited Malahide castle with Sophie Joy and Pippa and we had a picnic and played hide and seek there. There was a massive playground there we played at. We visited Sophie Joy and Pippa’s house and ate fish and chips on the beach near Malahide.

The next day we went to Dublin and walked around with Jon.

We drove to Rosslare and caught the ferry on last day.

We loved seeing our cousins in Ireland – we hope they come to visit us soon!

We watched Captain Underpants on the ferry at the cinema. We got on the ferry at night but it got very rough and daddy felt sick. We slept in two cabins with bunk beds in the boat. There was a little kids play area that had games in it. There was a restaurant with a good breakfast. Jasper spilled two juices.  In the ferry there were two trucks with lots of sheep and it smelled very bad.

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