Paris – seeing our friends and Disneyland


We drove to Paris from Cherbourg – it took about 4 hours.  Dad had to drive around the Arc de Triomphe to get to our apartment – the busiest and biggest roundabout in Paris!  We had to take the seventh exit!

We arrived in our apartment on Rue de Faubourg Saint-Denis.  Up the top of our windows there are plants we have to water.  There are lots of noisy people on the street outside, but we have a secret courtyard we share with other people that makes our house quiet.  In our room are lots of toys.

On the first night we went to Ayrton, Theo and Louis’ house in Paris.  We went to a crepe restaurant together.

The next day we went walking to the Canal de St Martin near our house.  Maeve practised skipping rope outside a cafe.  We saw a boat go through a lock at the canal.

On Sunday night we saw Marcella and Oriana.  We went into a huge playground, but we had to get locked in without our parents.  At the end, they let us out.  In the playground, we went on a really huge slide and on a little bridge and on one of those spinning things.  We will see Marcella and Oriana later on our holiday.

We went to Disneyland for Jasper and Louis’ birthday.  We went on the teacup ride.  We had to queue for a long time to go on the Dumbo ride.  We had fish and chips with Louis, Ayrton and Theo.  We went through a maze with characters from Alice in Wonderland.  We went on a Star Wars ride and mummy and daddy went on an underwater Star Wars ride, and we went on a snow Star Wars ride.  We didn’t actually go through water and show, but it felt like we did – it felt like we were moving.  We wore 3D glasses and it was a virtual reality ride.  We went to a big theatre and they showed how kids get to learn to be a Jedi with a lightsaber.  We waited all day to go on the Thunder Mountain ride.  Maeve and mummy went first with Louis and his mum – and Maeve was terrified on the rollercoaster.  Then Daddy and Jasper went with Ayrton, Theo and their dad but a storm came right when they were about to get on it, and they stopped the ride.  Jasper nearly wet his pants waiting for the storm to pass, so they missed out on going.


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