Paris – the Pompidou, the hop on hop off tour and other things

We went to the Pompidou Centre near Les Halles.  It has lots of art work.  We saw a children’s gallery.  We could make sculptures – Maeve and Jasper and Margot worked together to make a robot city that was really big.   There was a bouncy castle which was really a dome – Maeve and Margot played in there and danced while all the shapes on the ground changed.  There were brains on the ground when we went in and it kept changing – there were bubbles and all sorts of things.  Maeve kept going in and out the side of the windows.  We also went into a big white cave in the wall twice – but we got in trouble for making too much noise.

We went on a double decker bus around Paris and we saw all the sights – we got off at the Eiffel Tower and had to find a toilet for Maeve.

One day we split up – Maeve and Margot went back to see the Eiffel Tower with Daddy and had a picnic at the Champs de Mars and played at a big playground at the Jardin de Luxembourg.

Mummy and Jasper went to Montmartre where we went up on a funicular to the top of the Sacre Coeur.  Jasper had his portrat done in charcoal by a man called Stephan.  We went to the Salvador Dali museum and had lunch together.




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