Paris – chocolate tour, the Canal Saint-Martin and the Science Museum

We went on a great chocolate tasting tour at Saint German-des-Pres.  We had a very nice guide called Roberto who was from Haiti and had had a very interesting life.  We really liked him. We had 20 chocolates and 2 ice creams – it was amazing!  There was a statue of a lady sitting down and Maeve and Jasper copied it.  There were books sitting next to it that people were swapping – you have to leave a book there and you can just take another one!  We went to the Jardin de Luxembourg where Jasper got a Polish sailing boat which he pushed around on the pond.  Maeve and mummy tried to go to the toilets but they were closed, so we had to wait in a queue outside the park for a toilet.

The next day we went to the Canal Saint-Martin near our house.  We watched a boat going through the lock on the canal.  The entire road moved around so that the boat could get through!  We went to Paris Plage at the Bassin de la Villette where they set up a beach and lots of thing to play with.  We made a huge volcano with some other French kids.  Maeve and Margot went into a special playground and Maeve went on a flying fox all by herself!  We went to a hipster place on the canal called Pointe Ephemere where Jasper played Pac Man on an old arcade game for hours!

We went back to Montmartre so that Maeve and Margot could have their portraits done.  We had lunch at the Cafe de 2 Moulins that was in the movie Amelie! Everyone was VERY grumpy on this day.

We visited the Science Museum at the Parc de la Villette – the coollest thing was playing a huge piano with our feet.  We also went to an amazing planetarium where we learned about the history of astronomy.  It was fantastic.  We got really tired walking back and mum took us the wrong direction so we had to take a metro train – we had ice cream on the way home.

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