We had a great time in Nantes. We saw our friends from Darwin, Anna and Ollie. They are spending a year living here. It was really hot, like Darwin.

We walked around the chateau, which was where the dukes of Brittany lived. We fed ducks at the moat of the castle. There was also a  goose that was white and it ran away from Jasper. We followed the green line around Nantes and looked at sculptures. We went to a big fountain where you could run around on the sprays – it was like we were walking on water.  There were goats in Le Jardin des Plantes and one of them nearly chewed Maeve’s dress. A goat ran up to a little girl and started chewing her dress.

We went to Les Machines d’Ile where we rode on a huge mechanical elephant that sprayed water everywhere. You can have ear muffs there if the sound gets too loud. It was really amazing. We jumped on moon craters that had trampolines in them. Dad took us to the movies with Anna and Ollie’s dad and we visited their house and Anna gave Margot a toy.  We went into this other fountain and there were little fountains around it and a giant fountain in the middle and the fountains went up down up down up down.

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