Maeve was very excited to come to the south of France and we finally came!  We are staying in a house by the river – there is one room with a bunk bed and with one single bed for the kids, next door to that one was our mum and dad’s room and we like this house.  Our house looks across the bridge to the medieval town of Vieussan.  You can’t drive through Vieussan because the streets are so narrow and windy – you have to walk.  There is an ancient medieval tower at the top that Jasper and mummy walked up to together one morning.

The pool is so freezing cold that mum is a scaredy cat of it.

The house is above a river.  We were canoeing under our house on the river and there’s this really nice restaurant that has children’s ice cream with M and Ms across the bridge from our house.  It’s called Lezard Bleu.

The day after we got here we went to the markets at St Chinian.  We tasted olives, cheese, honey and other delicious things.  We will go back there.  We bought fidget spinners and a ball with the points we earned on our reward chart.

Yesterday we went to the beach at Serignan Plage.  It’s grape harvest time so there were tractors carting huge piles of red grapes everywhere.  We made a giant sand castle with walls to stop the sea from coming in.  Maeve made a mermaid with mummy and we decorated it with shells.  Jasper was guarding Maeve’s mermaid by building walls to protect it.

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