Flor’s family in Mazamet

We drove to Flor’s dad’s house near Mazamet.  We played there with cars.  Flor’s dad made us cassoulet, and at the start of our lunch he gave us some cheese and salami and all of that.  After that we had pate.  And then we had cassoulet. At lunch were Flor’s daddy and his partner Isabelle, Flor’s auntie Patricia, and Flor’s granny and grandpa.  We saw a picture of Flor when she was a baby – it was very cute and she looked just like Amaya. After lunch we went for a walk around a lake.  Jasper went into the lake and looked for glass.  Flor’s dad lost his glasses.  There were little swings there and we had ice cream after we had walked around.  Flor used to go there all the time when she was a little girl. After that we went to a medieval village on the hill called Hautpol, where Jasper and Maeve chased chestnuts and saw cats, and got a grasshopper.  We had a really great day.

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