Cassis – the end of France

Yesterday we came from mummy’s birthday to Cassis. We were very excited when we saw the ocean.  There were lots of boats in the harbour in Cassis and the buildings were very colourful.  There was even a beach there and we played at the edge of the water.  Jasper found a magic rock there – it was a little pebble with a flower on it that someone had drawn.  There were probably millions of rocks on the beach, so it was amazing that Jasper found that particular one! Maeve also found treasures – a plastic dinosaur and a fish and another one that you can make sand castles with.  We had dinner at a place on the water – Margot had nuggets and chips, and Jasper and Maeve shared a plate of fish and chips.  Mum and dad had moules frites.

Today we did a big hike.  We drove to a car park, and walked to Les Calanques. We walked along the top of beautiful cliffs and saw bright blue water below.  Maeve said that you have to give lots of effort to keep walking, but that she liked walking.  Finally we got to a tiny beach where the water was very blue and green.  At the little beach we had lunch, and Jasper and Maeve tried to pull a big log out of the water.  Everyone played at the edge of the water, but mum and dad got cranky when Jasper and Maeve were splashing everyone.  Margot was the first one to go all the way under the water.  Then Maeve went.  Then daddy went.  Jasper was too scared.  Then we walked back, but we walked back a much trickier way with lots of slippery rocks.  Mum and dad kept saying not to skip, run, or jump on the way home because everyone was getting really tired, but no one listened.  First of all Maeve fell over on the gravel and hurt herself, but not too badly.  Then Jasper tried to jump onto a big boulder and fell off and whacked his knee really badly.  Then he was pretending to be a beetle on his back and not getting up properly.  Then Maeve fell over while she started to skip down the mountain five minutes from our car.  She hurt herself very badly and has a very bad cut on her knee.  She got a chuppa chup.  Mum says that Jasper can’t have his chuppa chup unless he writes this blog with her and does some school.

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