Mummy’s birthday at Quissac

We drove to a huge house called Villa Plantat near Quissac for mummy and Joey’s birthday.  It was so much fun – there were lots of people.  There was Aunty Joey, Auntie Sophie, Auntie Rach, Auntie Treen, Auntie Susan, Claudia the Chocolate Fairy, Shanti, Josh and Maya, Fernanda, Henry, Oriana and Marcella and lots more.  We had a huge lunch for mummy outside and then all the kids took the grown ups to the lake.  Then daddy asked mummy to marry her!  We also had a race around the lake, and we played egg and spoon race there.  Oriana was the winner.  On Saturday we had a huge birthday party for Joey and lots more people came and there was dancing and food and fun.  Jasper thinks that this house was the best place we stayed at.

One thought on “Mummy’s birthday at Quissac”

  1. These are superb! There are some emerging Hollywood Stars! Sue Bath has been on the ‘phone. I think she has looked at them also? Sarah is on her way via the Sicilian Walk!

    Go kindly, warily and safely!




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