Abruzzo and snow!

We stayed in Abruzzo for two nights on our way to Puglia from Acqualagna. We stayed in a small town called Spoltore near Pescara and we woke up one morning and the electricity was off and we couldn’t drive out of the electric gate so we had to go to the playground and play.

We could see some mountains with snow on them in the distance from our house. We decided we would drive towards the mountains in the hope that we would see and touch snow. We drove a long way, almost two hours up the mountains to the Gran Sasso National Park. We drove past ski fields, but there was no snow there, so we decided to keep going. We kept going up and up, and Maeve said she wanted to go home because she was tired and sick. We were driving on a high plane called the Campo Imperatore, which has been in lots of movies and where Mussolini was captured. We almost lost our hope. But then we saw some snow on the side of the road. We were so excited! We got out of the car and we played in the snow. We made snowballs, we built a snowman on the road, Maeve slid down the snow on her bottom, Margie loved walking on the snow and slipping over, and even Margie’s DouDou sat on the snow! We really didn’t want to leave, but we had to. We thought it was the best day of our lives.

On the way home, we stopped at a restaurant in the mountains where you cook your own sausages on a grill outside. They were absolutely delicious. We also had some amazing hot chocolate there. There were lots and lots of tables outside there, so the restaurant must be very popular, but we came at a quiet time.

On the drive down the mountain back to Spoltore we drove through the clouds! It was so foggy we couldn’t see very far sometimes.


It was a great day.

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