Pasta-making school, Italian TV and truffles in Acqualagna

We stayed in Acqualagna in Le Marche for 5 nights for the white truffle festival. We stayed just out of town in a nice place which had chickens and horses and goats. There were so many people at the truffle festival, but the truffles were expensive because there has not been much rain. We tasted and bought lots of food – our favourite was the canoli filled with cream from Sicily.

The best thing we did was take part in a pasta-making school with lots of Italian kids. We were the only English speakers, and we had to follow the directions in Italian. There were lots of chefs there to help us, and there was a TV crew there and we were on Italian television! The man who was operating the TV camera filmed us all lots of times, but he especially liked filming Margot.

This is how you make pasta:

  1. First you put out the flour on a board
  2. Then you make a hole in the flour;
  3. Then you crack the egg into the hole;
  4. Then you mix the egg and flour together with your hands, and then you squish it up;
  5. Then you put more flour on it to stop it from sticking, and you also add some oil and water and a pinch of salt;
  6. Then you mix it more with your hands;
  7. Then you squish it out with a roller until it’s really flat and thin;
  8. Then you fold it in (twice)
  9. Then you cut it with a knife into strips;
  10. Then you unfold it, and you have tagliatelle!

We ate the pasta we made that night for dinner and it was absolutely delicious!

When we were at Acqualagna we visited Urbino, a medieval city with one of the oldest universities in Europe.  It is where the painter Raphael was from.

We also went to the Gorla del Furlo, which was on the Via Flaminia, an ancient Roman road. The Furlo was a narrow gorge where the Roman emperior Vespasian dug a tunnel through the rock to make the road. The road went from Rome to the port of Fano on the Adriatic Sea.

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